Art by Beverly Chick


Many experts in the field of art say that you must specialize in one niche in order to be successful.  I did that for many years, but I got bored.   And I wasn't growing as an artist either.   While I realize it takes longer to market more than one niche, I can't and won't stay in that box.  It is just too limiting.  I wish to be identifed as a creative and not a one-niche wonder.  My art is about more than just marketing, it is about learning, growing, exploring and experimenting.  


If I were to go with one niche, it would be animals and nature.  I aspire to create art that communicates the beauty of nature, the humor & love of animals, and the simplicity & renewal of spirit that can be found by making animals and nature a part of our lives.

Animals & nature have much to teach us, if we have ears to hear.  They speak of eternal truths, spiritual truths and important principles of wisdom that are often forgotten or ignored.