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Celebrity Portrait Gallery 

Portraits of the Golden Age of Hollywood Movie Stars, Rock Groups, & More!

More will be coming!

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"Remember The Laughter"   

Robin Williams

Golden Age of Hollywood Movie Star Portraits
Graphite Pencil Portraits of the vintage Hollywood Movie Stars are $10.00 each for 8 X 10 print and $2.50/ each for note cards. There is a discount given for purchase of 3 or more note cards.

John Wayne

Bette Davis

Katharine Hepburn

Clark Gable

Cary Grant

Audrey Hepburn

Star Trek Portraits

 8 X 10 prints are $15.00/note cards $2.50/ea.  Discount given for 3 or more cards purchased.

"Live Long and Prosper"

Mr Spock

"The Challenge"

Captain Kirk

 Dr. McCoy

Star Wars Portraits

8 X 10 prints are $15.00/note cards $2.50/ea. Discount given for 3 or more cards purchased.

Luke Skywalker

Princess Leia

Hans Solo

Rock and Roll Groups

The Monkees

Okay, I'm a little obsessed with the Monkees, I admit it!  But they have played a major role in my life and I have met three of them in person and have talked to them personally!  For more of my Monkees stories and art, go to my Facebook page:

Ride On, Manchester Cowboy

Davy Jones

Pencil Portrait of Peter Tork

Color Portrait of Davy Jones

Singing Monkees

Pencil Portrait of Mike Nesmith

Color portrait of Micky Dolenz

Color Portrait of Mike Nesmith

Pencil Portrait of Micky

Peter Tork: A Life's Journey

Color Portrait of Peter Tork

Coming Soon - Pencil Portrait of the early Beatles