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The Art of Beverly Chick

Landscapes & Waterscapes Landscapes & Waterscapes Autumn in Hidden Lake The Original is 16 X 20 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid with Acrylic This is inspired from a photo I took at Plains, Washington, which is a little town 20 miles outside of Leavenworth. This was from a photo I took during a beautiful nature hike to "Hidden Lake". Yes It was really called that! I had to capture the beauty of the autumn colors during October. 202328372 Salmon River in Stanley The original is 6 X 20 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid This is from a photo I took of one of my favorite places in Idaho--the little town of Stanley, Idaho where the Sawtooth Mountains are. I just wanted to capture some of its beauty. I have sold many prints and cards of this piece at a gallery and gift shop in Stanley, Idaho. 202328373 Snow Patterns Colored Pencil & Turpenoid I had not done many landscapes that involved snow and I wanted to explore this a bit more. I wanted to convey the stillness and the silence of winter, as well as the beauty. 202328374 Mountain View The original is 12 X 12 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid. Only the original is available. This does not come in prints. It is mounted on a wooden panel. This was also inspired by the Sawtooth Mountains in Stanley, Idaho. I had to come up with a composition that fit a 12" X 12" wooden panel. 202328375 Wild Surf The original is 16 X 20 Mixed Media In the summer of 2016 I was not able to take a summer vacation and I longed to go to be beach. The idea was "If you paint it, it will come". This painting won second place at the 2016 Idaho State Fair. 202335009 My Happy Place (Palm Trees) The original is 11 X 14 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid Longing to visit a tropical beach, but unable to due to lack of money, I immersed myself into this painting. This is what my "Bali High" happy place and dream vacation would look like 202335163 Renewal The original is 11 X 14 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid The inspiration and story behind this was from an old post card my dad had sent me from the beautiful redwood forest in California. My parents and I went there often when I was a kid and I loved it. I think that is when I fell in love with nature and learned to appreciate it a lot. I wanted to capture the feeling of renewal of spirit that being in the mountains gave me. And it still makes me feel this way--like rays of light into my soul! 206265919 Wellspring of LIfe The original is 11 X 14 Colored Pencil & Turpenoid This was from a photo I took of a little waterfall that use to be at the Boise Zoo. It is part of a series of pieces called Illustrations of Wisdom. This painting is an illustration for Proverbs 4:23 which says, "Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." 206406206 Autumn Splendor Original is 11 X 14 Colored Pencil & Mixed MEdia A dream like interpretation of a beautiful red leaf tree that I took a photo of in a nearby park. Most of the trees were turning colors because it was during the autumn season. 206406207